Yeşil Yaz

Greenish Summer

Some may still argue the actuality of global warming, whereas we are experiencing a very rainy summer here in Turkey. It is almost like the beginning of spring. On one hand it concerns us deeply enviromental-vise, on the other hand we can not stop ourselves seizing the moments when the nature wakes up with all of its scents, colors and refreshing air after a drizzle. 

We believe that's why, we keep choosing gemstones that look like drops of nature; such as aquamarine, turquoise, kyanite, chrysocolla, coral etc. Or, gemstones that could reflect the most of the sunshine through their prisms such as gold citrine, alexandrite, moonstone. 

Hence, we invite you to take a deep and fresh breath, take all of the summer you can take in...(: Maybe, later, you can also spare some time to enjoy our droplets of nature!

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